Thursday, December 10, 2015

That Would Explain A Few Things

In talking about changing median incomes, Five Thirty Eight's Ben Casselman gives us a Pew Research chart that goes a long way towards explaining the "take back our country" folks on the right:


Seems pretty clear to me why younger white folks without four-year college degrees (who have seen their median incomes drop by 15-20% from where their parents were at that age) are increasingly drawn to taking the country back 50 years, huh.

So yeah, if you're a thirtyish white guy without a bachelor's degree, you're in much worse financial shape than your parents were 20-25 years ago at that age and especially compared to your grandparents 45-50 years ago.

If you're black however, even as rough as things are now, they're still better than they were in the 70s.

This explains a lot about the GOP.

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