Saturday, July 16, 2016

Last Call For Gotta Deport 'Em All!

What is with Republican lawmakers and their nearly sociopathic need to purify America of people they don't approve of by deporting everyone they can find?

One day after the horrific terror attack on civilians in Nice, France, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) took to Twitter to call on President Obama to “immediately deport” immigrants on terror watch lists.

In a series of tweets, Duncan proposed that the president “halt the Syrian refugee resettlement program” and “immediately deport any non-citizens listed on a terror-watch list.” He later added that immigrants would be given a deportation hearing, “thus protecting due process.”

Duncan also suggested that the United States should be “careful” with “who we’re granting citizenship to and which countries we allow immigration from,” calling for a closer scrutiny of the visa waiver program with the European Union, which allows visa-free travel between United States and European Union residents.

It's not surprising, Republican have been like this for years (and more than a few Democrats, sadly, which is why we still have the Patriot Act as law.)  But at some point the rest of us have to decide whether or not we want to start going down the road of rounding up people for the crime of "Not having committed any crimes yet but..." and all that entails.

Here's a hint: that's actual, literal "textbook definition of fascism" stuff, folks.

The party of fear anyone who is not Christian (and it used to be "and not Jewish but Trump's more "energetic" supporters have put that to bed), not WASPy is getting pretty powerful these days. America has always struggled with racism, it has for 240 years and will most likely continue to struggle for another 240 years more.

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