Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Race To The Bottom, Con't

FOX News resident white supremacist Tucker Carlson defended his white supremacist propaganda segment from Friday with the usual nonsense we've come to love and expect from the right, with such bad faith all-star hits like this:

The organized left is lying about a segment we did on Friday night. Our topic was "diversity is our strength," a phrase our leaders use to end conversation rather than spur it. You hear it all the time. We asked, what exactly does it mean? Is it true?

We only asked if having non-white people in America was actually good for America, what's the big deal?

Here are the words from our segment: "How precisely is diversity our strength? Can you think of other institutions, such as marriage or military units, in which the less people have in common, the more cohesive they are?"

So he's a segregationist and implies here that marriage should only be available to men and women of the same race (one of each, can't have same-sex marriages!)  Also, the US military integrated generations ago, and we've done fine since then.

"Do you get along better with your neighbors and coworkers if you can't understand each other, or share no common values? And if diversity is our strength, why is it OK for the rest of us to surrender our freedom of speech to just a handful of tech monopolies?"

My downstairs neighbor is deaf, Tucker.  I understand them quite fine, thanks.  And plenty of co-workers where I'm at speak a number of different languages, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, and hey, English!

Also, what do tech monopolies have to do with language at your workplace?  That's not a diversity issue, it's a broader free speech one.

These are the questions our leaders out to be asking every day. How does a nation of 325 million people hang together? What do we all have in common as Americans? Why should we remain a country? Nothing is more important than answering this. 

I'd say through common values like dignity, acceptance and tolerance, but you clearly don't share those values with the rest of America.  Problem isn't us, pal.  It's you.

But our leaders aren't even asking these questions. Instead they're trying to silence anyone who raises them, while at the same time promoting mindless tribalism for political expedience. Division keeps them in power. 

The guy with the 8 PM prime time cable TV show and weekday radio show, heard and watched by millions, is "being silenced" you guys.

What's at stake isn't a cable news segment. It's the existence of rational conversation in America. If they can prevent you from asking honest questions, there's nothing they can't do. More on this tomorrow night.

Except, as we pointed out, nobody is "preventing" Tucker Carlson from using his free speech rights.  He's just upset that he's not protected from the consequences of it.

The real issue is that Carlson's rancid racism is watched by millions, including Donald Trump, on a daily basis.  He's preparing the ground for Trump's inevitable mass deportation regime and rallying white supremacists to get out and vote.

If you thought America was ugly before, wait until Republicans survive 2018 with control of Congress.  We'll never get the country back to sanity at that point.

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