Friday, July 17, 2009

A Glass Half Full Kind Of Guy

Steve Benen notes that after the Village Centrists crapped all over Obamacare this afternoon, the President is keeping a smile on his face and projecting confidence.

He noted, for example, the "unprecedented progress" we've seen thus far. That's a fair point -- we've never been this close to achieving the reform Americans have been waiting for over the last several decades. Obama also emphasized that reform can and will be deficit-neutral, and that reform isn't really an option with an untenable status quo.

"I realize that the last few miles of any race are the hardest to run," the president said. But, perhaps referencing the unfounded fears of the six "centrist" senators who want to bring the process to a halt, Obama added, "Now is not the time to slow down. And now is certainly not the time to lose heart."

The president went on to say, "[T]hose who are betting against this happening this year are badly mistaken. We are going to get this done. We will reform health care. It will happen -- this year. I am absolutely convinced of that."

Well, that makes one of us.

Yeah, after the last 24 hours, I can see why there would be serious doubts. The last guy in this job tended to suffer from delusions of adequacy.

Still, he is the President. He has staked all his political capital on getting a real health care reform plan through. He faces daunting odds...then again, he's faced worse odds back on the road to the White House, too.

Not going to count him out completely yet on health care.

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Matt Osborne said...

Call the White House and urge the president to use his Constitutional power to call a special session if necessary. Congress has already had six weeks of vacation this year; they don't need another five while America waits for change.

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