Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Call

Glenn Beck's movie/show/simulcast...thing?

Not doin' so hot.
Anyone who had just sat through the "Christmas Sweater" show, though, might have identified better with the man's original impulse. But in the theater where I watched the program, on the top floor of a high-end shopping mall near the D.C.-Maryland border, there weren't that many viewers to see it all go down. Beck simulcast his little pageant from a packed house in lower Manhattan, but 15 minutes before showtime in D.C., there were only 10 people in the audience with me. The crowd didn't grow much by the end of the night, either. The theater told me they sold fewer than 30 tickets, at $20 a pop. (That turned out to be the rule rather than the exception, according to anecdotal reports of small crowds all over.)
Mr. Working Class Populist America is charging $20 a piece for his timeshare sales pitch, or new self-help book, or new breakfast cereal or whatever.  I'm not sure who's more inane, Beck for such an obviously cynical fleecing of his base, or Beck's base for simply being Beck's base.

Yes, he really does think you're that stupid, America.  He's counting on it.

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