Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrity Sighting, Springfield Style

John Goodman caught a Cardinals game in Springfield Friday.  He was in town for the Tent Theatre 50 Year Anniversary.  Goodman, a Springfield native and MSU graduate, has always been generous in supporting the arts and the community. It is rare for him to get out and be so social, however.

You can see Goodman in the shots of the game over here.  He's looking good, much healthier than the last several times I've seen him.

Eyes were peeled for Kathleen Turner and other famous Springfield citizens, and of course Brad Pitt.  So far reports were mum, but the odds are they'll turn up in random shots in the background.

It's not that we have famous people who have hailed from Springfield, but that they come back long after they have moved on to bigger cities and globe-trotting lifestyles that makes me happy to live here.  It reminds me that humble beginnings can lead to big things, and that I come from a place that is so awesome they still come back.

If nothing else, I figured Pitt would say a word about the new movement to decriminalize marijuana in Springfield.

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