Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anyone Suprised By This?

BooMan reminds us it's silly season, and silly season is getting awfully dangerous.

Well at least it wasn't bullets this time, not that I would find a great deal of comfort in that if I worked or volunteered at the Conifer, Colorado Obama office.

Vandals struck an Obama campaign office in Conifer overnight, spray-painting swastikas onto the side of the building. [...] 
A photo on 9News's website, which first reported the vandalism, shows at least one window with swastikas painted on it. [...]
This is the second high-profile incident at an Obama campaign office in a week. Last Friday, police believe somebody fired a shot at an Obama campaign field office in Denver. Denver police spokesman John White said officers recovered a bullet from inside the campaign office, but he said he did not have any update on the investigation.

Yeah, at least nobody got hurt or killed when this Obama campaign office was vandalized.  That's a relief, right?  It seems a bunch of people have a real problem with our black President.  Wonder why.

Also, if this had been a Romney office, this of course would be the latest in "the coming race war" and "intimidation" by Obama's "army of thungs".  After all, we black folk started it being all black when the slave ships showed up in Africa, right?

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