Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Call

Dime Brain Darrell Issa strikes again, this time the GOP congressman with the hard-on for his one man crusade against the Obama administration has compromised the identities of Libyans working for the State Department in his zeal to name names over Benghazi.

Issa posted 166 pages of sensitive but unclassified State Department communications related to Libya on the committee's website afternoon as part of his effort to investigate security failures and expose contradictions in the administration's statements regarding the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi that resulted in the death of Amb. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

"The American people deserve nothing less than a full explanation from this administration about these events, including why the repeated warnings about a worsening security situation appear to have been ignored by this administration. Americans also deserve a complete explanation about your administration's decision to accelerate a normalized presence in Libya at what now appears to be at the cost of endangering American lives," Issa and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) wrote today in a letter to President Barack Obama.

But Issa didn't bother to redact the names of Libyan civilians and local leaders mentioned in the cables, and just as with the WikiLeaks dump of State Department cables last year, the administration says that Issa has done damage to U.S. efforts to work with those Libyans and exposed them to physical danger from the very groups that had an interest in attacking the U.S. consulate.

"Much like WikiLeaks, when you dump a bunch of documents into the ether, there are a lot of unintended consequences," an administration official told The Cable Friday afternoon. "This does damage to the individuals because they are named, danger to security cooperation because these are militias and groups that we work with and that is now well known, and danger to the investigation, because these people could help us down the road."

But Darrell doesn't care, because all he's interested in is creating a scandal.  For years now he's been hounding Attorney General Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious program, and Holder was exonerated last month.  Now he's changed targets to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  I'm sure it will be just as effective, considering evidence is now mounting that the CIA analysis of the initial attack was exactly what the Obama administration said it was.  If anyone was wrong here, it was, surprise, the CIA.

No word from the right on Issa outing more sensitive information.  Again.  Imagine that.

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