Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bon Goes On Walkabout

Another election is behind us, and I want to thank everyone for reading, caring what is going on in this crazy little world, and sharing your thoughts.  We went through it together, by golly.

I'm taking a little break, a walkabout if you are a Crocodile Dundee fan.  I won't be gone long, and will surely have some fun things to talk about when I get back.  It may be as little as two weeks, it could be as long as a month.  But I will return, and in the meantime I will be on podcasts and lurking.

Anyone who would like to reach me or read more about my Walkabout can do so through my site.  With rare exception, all November appearances are canceled, but I will pick back up December 1.

Have fun.  Be good.  Save awesome kitty pictures for my triumphant return.

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