Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Call: And It Continues In Earnest, Part 5

And the Obama Derangement kicks up another very serious notch, as Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant and a couple dozen GOP state lawmakers held a press conference just after President Obama's announcement of several executive action involving gun control to say that the state really doesn't give a damn about this whole union thing, and will simply refuse to enforce federal regulations the Governor doesn't like.

Leading the charge to ignore new federal regulations is Mississippi, where the state’s Republican governor and state House speaker took to the mics right after Obama finished announcing his plans and pledged to ensure the ones they don’t like don’t take effect in the state.

The Constitution is clear that such an effort would be illegal. Nevertheless, the Mississippi leaders say they have a plan.

From the Jackson Clarion-Ledger:
Gov. Phil Bryant and House Speaker Philip Gunn said they would block any federal measures limiting the right to bear and possess arms from being enforced in Mississippi. … State Rep. Chris Brown, R-Aberdeen, said he is drafting legislation to say that firearms manufactured in Mississippi would fall under state law and wouldn’t be subjected to federal regulations.
Earlier in the day, Bryant made his intentions known in a letter posted online. Bryant wrote that Mississippi lawmakers should be read to block any Obama executive actions that infringe on the right to bear arms. Once the list of Obama’s executive actions were announced, Bryant held a press conference in the capitol to say they don’t all bother him. “He isn’t opposed to background checks and enforcing laws already on the books, but he doesn’t believe in limiting the type of guns or ammunition a person can possess,” according to the Clarion-Ledger.

“When it’s for self protection, you need as much firepower as needed to protect your family,” he said.

Two issues here, the Governor's nullification of executive orders, and the argument that any guns or ammo made in the state aren't subject to any federal regulations.  Either one of those would be laughed out of the Supreme Court.  The much larger problem is we have a sitting state Governor and over two dozen legislators saying they reserve the right to ignore the federal government.

The last time that happened, it didn't work out so well for the country.

This has now gone beyond mere bluster if Bryant goes through with this:  it's open rebellion of a state government against the federal.

Welcome to Obama's second term, folks.

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