Thursday, January 17, 2013

Use As Directed

To all the "guns don't kill people" out there:  yes, they do.  And they kill people right here in Kentucky.

A 12-year-old girl was fighting for her life at a Lexington hospital Wednesday after a shooting that killed her father and a cousin Tuesday in a parking lot at Hazard Community and Technical College.

Killed were Caitlin Cornett, 20, who was living in Letcher County, and her uncle Jackie "Doug" Cornett, 53, of the Perry County community of Happy, Hazard Assistant Police Chief Joe Engle said.

Jackie Cornett's daughter, Taylor Cornett, a sixth-grader at R.W. Combs Elementary School in Perry County, was in critical condition at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, hospital spokeswoman Julie Phillips said.

Hazard police charged Dalton Stidham, 21, Caitlin Cornett's former boyfriend, with two counts of murder, one related to domestic violence, and one count of attempted murder. Stidham turned himself in to Kentucky State Police after the shooting.

So where'd he get the firearm?  Two hours earlier.

Kenny Woods, a Baptist minister who owns H & K Gun & Pawn Shop in Perry County, said in a telephone interview Wednesday that Stidham bought the gun legally at his shop about 1 p.m. Tuesday.

"He cleared a background check without even a delay," Woods said. "Everything was fine with him."

Sure.  And then the guy supposedly takes the gun he just bought, offs his ex-girlfriend, offs her father, and puts another round in a 12-year old girl just because she was there.   I know.  "Unfortunate cost of the freedom that the Second Amendment provides the rest of us," right?  Two dead, one in critical condition, that gun "sure solved that problem with that stupid bitch who dumped him", right?  He bought the gun just a neatly as you please, "proves background checks don't work," right?

Please continue to justify to yourself how the problem has nothing to do with the tens of millions of firearms in the country, and has everything to do with everything other than the tens of millions of firearms in this country, you know?

Guns.  Used as directed.

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