Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last Call

The GOP minority outreach plan continues, and the Republicans' "secret weapon" this time around is Raffi Williams, son of FOX pundit Juan Williams.  Evan McMorris-Santoro:

A significant part of the Republican Party's future rests on the shoulders of Raffi Williams, the 24 year-old son of Fox News' Juan Williams.

Not long after RNC chair Reince Priebus admitted his party has been unable to appeal to the youth and minorities, Raffi Williams got the job of selling the GOP to youth outlets and the African American press as a Deputy Press Secretary.

He admits making young and black voters consider voting Republican is a tall order. But Williams told BuzzFeed a visible African American media outreach program can reap political rewards for the GOP beyond the black vote.

"I think it's a slow process. If you expect us to get a ridiculous amount of African Americans in the next election, that's not going to happen probably," he said. "But we can start to make inroads, and the more inclusive we are as a party the better optics we get to other demographics as well — not just African Americans — and that helps us in the long run." 

What Raffi Williams and the rest of these go-getters haven't figured out yet is that the problem isn't reaching African-Americans, Latinos, LGBT Americans, and other minority groups, it's the people in the GOP currently reaching us with messages that we're distinctly second-class and not worth the GOP's time, or worse, that we're enemies of America.

You have Raffi Williams out here wanting to make the case that Republicans are good for minorities, and yet we can't hear your message over the volume of hate coming from the people up top making the decisions.  All we think Republicans want to do is attack the nation's first minority President as lazy, stupid, and evil.  Republicans want to undo everything he's done, even when they agreed with it up until the point he said "this idea from Republicans is a good one and I want to incorporate it into this legislation."

In other words, until Republicans show me they have a goal other than being assholes who only care about the one percent, who want to make it more difficult to vote, more difficult to get and keep a job that pays enough to keep you out of poverty, and who assume all black people are lazy, shiftless bastards who need to be uplifted by your morally and intellectually superiority, I really don't give a damn who delivers your message.

Have a seat, Raffi.  You need to be working on your own broken party before you even think about outreach to anyone else.  Your messenger is meaningless until you change the message.

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Mike From Nowhere said...

Sorry, I know this is serious and all, but I read the sentence "Have a seat, Raffi" and I think about a beloved children's entertainer versus a very rough crowd.

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