Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Call For Gentlemen's Club

Beginning to think that maybe fraternities in general aren't such an awesome idea.

A fraternity at Penn State University has been suspended as police investigate allegations that members used a secret Facebook page to post photos of nude women, some of whom appeared to be sleeping or passed out
According to a copy of a State College police warrant obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, a former member of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity came to authorities and told them about the page. The former member also turned over printouts from the page on a computer thumb drive. 
Police say some Facebook posts also related to hazing and drug deals. 
Police say the investigation is ongoing to determine who made the posts. 
The fraternity was suspended by Penn State's intrafraternity governing body and the national chapter.

Can't imagine why colleges and universities have a massive sexual assault problem.

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Churchlady320 said...

I am perfectly aware this has happened for decades. An older friend had this happen to her back in the 1950s. But the rate of escalation, of the sense of entitlement among the males who are supposed to be our leaders of tomorrow is horrifying. Women are being objectified and defiled at even greater rates than before. What the HELL is the matter with the men we love - sons, brothers, nephews, and those some woman is going to marry?

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