Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Last Call For The Junior Varsity

Observations of tonight's Kaine vs Pence debate:

  • The Vice-Presidential debate was mostly a wash, as they tend to be.
  • Tim Kaine did a better job of defending Hillary Clinton than Mike Pence did defending Trump, but that's because Pence wasn't defending Trump, he was running for the GOP nomination in 2020.
  • I have no idea what Elaine Quijano was doing, but it wasn't moderating this fight either.
  • Kaine let some huge fastballs over the plate go and didn't swing at them.  Pence's record as Governor in Indiana should have been fertile ground for him, but Kaine let Pence get away with it.
  • Having said that, Pence spending the entire night pretending that Donald Trump didn't exist isn't going to stop Trump's fall in the polls.
  • Neither man is very exciting, huh.  Kaine comes across as that cool dad in accounting that you wish would stop talking about how awesome vaping is, and Pence comes across as the asshole lawyer at the sports bar who had one beer too many and is now asking very loudly to see the manager. They're about as telegenic as watching a video of a fireplace in 4K HD.
  • This debate maybe moved the needle a fraction of a point at most, and flip a coin to see in which direction.
  • I'm going to miss Joe Biden.

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