Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Which Zandar Answers Your Burning Questions

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog asks:
It seems to me that health care is a millstone around Obama's neck. It's dragging his ratings down. It's worth risking a decline in popularity for a really good bill, but if it's not a really good bill, what's the point?

The GOP and right-wing pundits and Blue Dogs and centrist MSM bloviators have all sent out the word that whatever Obama endorses is toxic. So if he doesn't sign a bill at all, how does that poison him? Shouldn't it do the opposite?
It's a valid question. The Village has already decided to call the game in the Republican's favor. It's no longer "Will health care reform pass?" but "When will the Democrats realize they have lost?"

The problem was until Baucus made his play, the situation was in limbo. We've now seen what Baucus has to offer, and it's basically a total victory for the Republicans. At this point if Obama is serious about getting that good bill, it's time to consider jettisoning the GOP and making it damn clear to the Democrats that a health care bill needs to have X, Y and Z in it or it won't get signed.

Obama could walk away from health care like Clinton did. The GOP certainly can't attack him on it if the plan fails. But I don't think it will help his numbers any. People will say "You know, Obama's biggest campaign promise was health care. He blew it and the Democrats blew it." You really have to ask yourself if the Dems can't do it with 60% margins in both the House and Senate and a Democrat in the White House, what will it take? Why are the Republicans dictating the health care plan at all?

Look, Baucus has revealed his hand. Now that we know what it is, the rest of the Democrats need to move forward. The Village and the GOP are already acting like the choice is now the Republican health care plan insurance company subsidy or nothing. If the Democrats don't start acting like they have a mandate, then they won't have it.

Obama has to take control of this now. It's time to move ahead. If that means without the Republicans, then do it. Go big, or go home.

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