Saturday, November 2, 2013

Last Call For The Merchants Of Hate

It just never ends with the rage, the hatred, the rancor, and the killing.

The note that 23-year-old Paul Ciancia carried with him as he charged into Los Angeles International Airport and opened fire on Friday reportedly referenced right-wing conspiracy theories amid homophobic rants about former Department of Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano and other government officials.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a law enforcement source confirmed that he note contained racist, homophobic and sexist slurs aimed at government officials, security agencies, liberals and racial minorities.

Raw Story noted on Friday that police reported that Ciancia was carrying a document that referred to the “New World Order,” a favorite phrase of the conspiracy-minded right used to describe an amorphous group of world elites who seek to impose one world government on all people. Both Alex Jones and Glenn Beck have included the phrase in their rantings.

The SPLC said that “a knowledgeable source with ranking law enforcement contacts” had read Ciancia’s manifesto and that its contents placed him squarely in the right-wing “Patriot” movement of anti-government conservatives.

Mark Potok of the SPLC’s “Hatewatch” blog wrote, “So-called Patriots also increasingly see the DHS, which produces intelligence assessments of extremists that are distributed to other law enforcement agencies, as an enemy and even a collaborator in the New World Order conspiracy. Many believe DHS has targeted their movement and is somehow connected to the alleged construction of concentration camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”

We'll see the right scream bloody murder again, that liberals are evil for even bringing this up, that only leftists would ever resort to violence and hatred, forever and ever amen and nothing will change.

Well, nothing will change until A) enough of us stand up to elect people who will pass and enforce laws to stop these events, or B) enough people with firearms start a second civil war.   Which one will happen first?  Honestly, no idea.

Metal Gear Stupid: Benghazi Revengance

Turns out last week's 60 Minutes "bombshell" report on Benghazi came from the imagination of the "eyewitness" to the attack on the diplomatic compound...who was never actually at the compound during the attack.  Matt Gertz at MMFA:

The Benghazi "witness" featured in a CBS 60 Minutes report that galvanized new discussion of the administration's response to the attack previously said he never got near the diplomatic compound on the night of the attack, according to a report from The Washington Post.

The revelation comes just days after Fox News reported that they had previously been using the same man as a source, but broke contact after he asked the network for money. Two days after the CBS report aired, Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon and Schuster that "specializes in conservative non-fiction," published the supposed witness' book, The Embassy House: The Explosive Eyewitness Account of the Libyan Embassy Siege by the Soldier Who Was There. According to the Post, the book "largely comports with the 60 Minutes account."

Together, these details paint a damning picture of the credibility of the supposed eyewitness -- and that of the CBS report which promoted his story.

Oops.  The guy was in it to sell his book and get famous.  And he used four dead Americans to do it.  Nice.

During the October 27 report, which was based on a year-long investigation by correspondent Lara Logan and producer Max McCellan, Logan described the man, identified as "Morgan Jones, a pseuodonym he's using for his own safety," as "a security officer who witnessed the attack." She explained that during the attack, "Jones scaled the twelve-foot high wall of the compound that was still overrun with al Qaeda fighters"; during an interview, he told her he had personally struck one of those terrorists in the face with his rifle butt. After the attack, "Jones" claimed in the report that he went to the Benghazi hospital and saw Ambassador Chris Stevens' body.

"Jones" also told CBS' audience that he had been worried about the compound coming under attack, and that Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, who died in the assault, had shared similar concerns with him. 
But according to the Post, "Jones," whose real name was confirmed as Dylan Davies, revealed none of those details in the incident report to his security contractor employer that he wrote following the attack. Instead, he wrote that he never got near the compound that night and learned of Stevens' death from a colleague.

I'm sure selling a book that's titled "The Explosive Eyewitness Account of the Libyan Embassy Siege by the Soldier Who Was There"when you weren't actually there is just a minor oversight.  Clearly this guy is an Obama plant!

Also, good job Lara Logan, you got conned and staked your career on this joker.   Great call for journalistic integrity.

StupidiNews, Weekend Edition!

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