Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Last Call For Our Little White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism Problem, Con't

White supremacist terrorist insurrectionists continue to target Democrats for violence, including President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

D.C. police say a man they arrested outside of the Vice President’s residence on Wednesday afternoon had a rifle and a large capacity clip.

D.C. police responded to the scene in the 3400 block of Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest around 12:12 p.m.

U.S. Secret Service agents told FOX 5 that they’d also detained a man at that address.

Police charged Paul Murray, 31, of San Antonio, with carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of a business, possession of unregistered ammunition and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device.

A rifle and ammunition were recovered from his vehicle.

Investigators have not indicated what the man was doing outside Number One Observatory Circle. However, a D.C. police source tells FOX 5 the man told uniformed Secret Service members that he wanted to talk to the president.

According to internal police bulletins obtained by FOX 5, Murray was said to be experiencing paranoid delusions and thought the government was after him. He purchased an AR-15 and told his mother he was in D.C. to "take care of his problem."

Authorities say Murray was an Army drone operator who started service in 2010 and was medically discharged in 2014. Documents say he recently complained to police that he wasn’t getting support from Veteran's Affairs and was not taking prescribed medication.

Luckily, nobody was hurt. But you notice two things: one, it's another white supremacist with a military background going to "take care" of Kamala Harris and/or Joe Biden, and two, being white, he was detained without incident.
And no, you can't dismiss him as a "lone wolf" like he will be. Not when there's potentially thousands more like him out there, waiting.
The Secret Service, DC Police, and the FBI have to stop every single one of them, too. 

The bad guys only have to get lucky once.

I Can't Recall Gavin, Con't

It looks increasingly likely that California Republicans have gotten enough signatures to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, but Newsom still has a lot of time before any election could take place.
Newsom's popularity has tumbled in recent months as public unrest spread over long-running school and business closures, a still-unfolding unemployment benefits scandal and his decision to attend a party with friends and lobbyists at an opulent restaurant while telling residents to stay home.

In a shopping plaza parking lot in the Sacramento suburb of Rocklin, Shannon Hile and Celeste Montgomery collected signatures earlier this month, operating from under a small white folding tent with bright yellow and red signs saying “Recall Gavin Newsom.”

Around lunch hour, more than a dozen people walked or drove up to sign. The two women and another volunteer gave detailed instructions to signers, reminding them to use the address where they are registered to vote and to be careful to write within the lines.

Neither woman voted for Newsom in 2018, when the former San Francisco mayor was elected in a landslide. They’re both outraged over school closings.

Hile moved from San Diego to the Sacramento area to be closer to family after she struggled to simultaneously take care of her 1-year-old while helping her 7-year-old navigate virtual learning at home. Montgomery, 31, also a mother of two, put her 5-year-old son in a private school so he could attend in-person classes, straining the family budget.

Newsom “gave nobody any options to survive this," Hile lamented. "He cut you off from everything and it literally was like sink or swim.”

Two Republicans have announced their candidacies: Kevin Faulconer, the former Republican mayor of San Diego, and Republican businessman John Cox, who was defeated by Newsom in 2018.

Another name being discussed in GOP circles is former President Donald Trump’s then-acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, who has not responded to requests for comment on a possible candidacy.
The election could cost California taxpayers $80 million, which is the entire point. Even if Newsom survives, he'll just face voters again next year, and he'll have to defend himself again.

Newsom loses either way, and so does California.

Oh Ricky You're So...Gone?

Some guy at Mar-a-Lago named "Ricky" singed for Donald Trump's lawsuit paperwork in a suit filed by Democratic Rep. Bennie Johnson of Mississippi, and nobody seems to know where the lawsuit...or Ricky...went for that matter.
In February, “Ricky” signed for a federal lawsuit delivered to former President Trump and then vanished.

Since then, people in both Trump’s camp and the team pressing the lawsuit on behalf of Mississippi Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson have been left scratching their heads, about who, exactly, the mysterious “Ricky” is and why he accepted mail for the former president.

Over the past couple of weeks, typically knowledgeable sources on both sides have responded to The Daily Beast’s inquiries with their own questions, such as “Who the hell is Ricky?” and “Do YOU know who Ricky is?”

Now, the “Ricky”—just “Ricky,” no last name listed—mystery has spilled into federal court where Trump’s attorney Jesse Binnall asked the judge for more time to respond to Thompson’s lawsuit in part following the difficulty in identifying the unknown signator. In a motion filed late Thursday evening, Binnall wrote that a “Ricky” appeared to have signed for a lawsuit sent to Trump—and then this person didn’t actually deliver the papers to the twice-impeached former president yet.

“Plaintiff attempted to serve Mr. Trump by certified mail on February 23, 2021. That parcel was signed for by an unknown individual identified only as ‘Ricky,’” the court filing reads. Binnall also states, “Mr. Trump contests whether that service was legally effective.”

A return of service receipt filed in early March shows that someone named “Ricky” signed for the documents at Trump’s private club of Mar-a-Lago in Florida, according to the document.

However, Binnall also said that his client’s position that the service was potentially botched “is moot because the parties have decided to focus on the substantive disputes at hand and have agreed to an extension of time for Mr. Trump to respond to the complaint, up to and including April 26, 2021.”

Judge Amit Mehta and attorneys for Democratic Rep. Thompson agreed to the Trump team’s request for an extension and the former president now has until April 26 to file a response to the suit.
So Trump gets to delay his lawsuit for six weeks because "Ricky" lost the paperwork.

If you believe that the lawsuit was lost, I have an oceanside golf resort in Florida to sell you, too.  The judge should be dropping Trump's ass in jail for such an asinine "Ricky ate my homework" excuse, but Trump has been dodging lawsuits using tactics like this for decades now, and he'll keep doing it.


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