Friday, November 21, 2014

Last Call For Oh God Rand Will You Just Shut Up

You know, these posts where "Rand Paul embarrasses himself and the state of Kentucky" are really starting to get painfully old.  Perhaps the senator should stop saying moronic things and in fact do his job.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) likened President Barack Obama's decision to take executive action on immigration to then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order authorizing putting Japanese-Americans in internment camps during World War II.

Paul made the comments on Friday, a day after Obama formally announced the executive actions, at the Kentucky Association of Counties conference in Lexington, Kentucky. 
"I care that too much power gets in one place. Why? Because there are instances in our history where we allow power to gravitate toward one person and that one person then makes decisions that really are egregious," Paul said. "Think of what happened in World War II where they made the decision. The president issued an executive order. He said to Japanese people 'we're going to put you in a camp. We're going to take away all your rights and liberties and we're going to intern you in a camp.'" 
"We shouldn't allow that much power to gravitate to one individual. We need to separate the power."

Which is funny, because Rand Paul is ostensibly running for President, apparently on the platform that he will never issue an executive order.  And not to defend Roosevelt, it was a shameful chapter in American history that took more than 40 years for America to correct.  But comparing these two executive orders is just stupid and insulting.

Why even have Presidents then?  Any of them can issue executive orders, and anyone could send Americans to camps according to Paul's "logic",

What a fool.

Go Go Gohmert Time

Oh Texas GOP nutjob Rep. Louie Gohmert, you never cease to amuse me with your rabid, racist insanity.

In an interview yesterday with Dan Cofall, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, accused President Obama of using immigration and the Ferguson case to provoke violence.
When Cofall asked Gohmert about Sen. Tom Coburn’s claim that Obama’s executive action deferring the deportation of some immigrants could result in violence, Gohmert replied that Obama’s critics would never resort to violence since only liberals do that
“Civil disobedience comes from the left,” he said. “They’re the ones that loot and shoot up and shoot up stores and do all kinds of things like that. If you look at the conservative gatherings, we even pick up our own trash. But it could be that this president is doing all he can to get conservatives who remember the country when presidents didn’t exceed their bounds and wish we would go back to those days, it may be enough to make them that angry. But I hope not, I hope there’s no violence.” 

Cliven Bundy.  Ruby Ridge.  Timothy Effing McVeigh.  But thanks for playing.

Gohmert also weighed in on the Ferguson case, accusing Obama of inciting violence: “Obviously the president and the attorney general have done all they could to help stir up animosity and fuel the fire and getting people angry at police where they shouldn’t have, but I hope and pray that doesn’t happen. It may happen in Ferguson because obviously they brought in the liberal attack people that just create all the havoc and mayhem they can but I hope and pray that doesn’t spread anywhere else. I’m sure they want it to, I’m sure that people would love to have the federal government intercede, but I would beg conservatives not to get sucked into that trap.” 

You know what gets people angry at police, Louie?  Police shooting and killing citizens, then a having a massive local conspiracy to exonerate the guy who murdered an unarmed kid.  And then having this happen across America dozens of times a year.

But it's all the fault of us savage, sub-human blacks, right?

Last Call For That Defunding Plan

Republicans vow to defund President Obama's immigration plan in the next Congress.  There's only one problem with that plan:

They can't do it.

It would be “impossible to defund President Obama’s executive order through a government spending bill, House Appropriations Committee spokeswoman Jennifer Hing said Thursday. 
Congress doesn’t provide funding to U.S. Citizenship and Immgiration Services (CIS), the agency responsible for issuing work permits and green cards. Instead, the agency is funded through fees.

“We cannot, literally cannot, defund that agency in an appropriations bill because we don’t appropriate that agency. That agency is entirely-fee funded,” Hing told reporters.

As of right now, our understanding is the primary agency responsible for implementing any type of executive order is CIS and we don’t fund CIS. There are no appropriated dollars,” she added.

So much for that idea.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who wants to defund the order, said he didn’t buy the news.

“I just don't believe that,” he told reporters.

Well then, maybe you should pay the hell attention, Steve-o.


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