Monday, December 21, 2020

HoliDaze: Once Again I Am Asking....

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He making bank tho ngl : AnimalCrossing

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In Which Zandar Develops A Frame Of Reference Going Forward

Light posting for the rest of the year.  I'm going to need to recharge for January.

As usual I will review my predictions for this year and attempt to come up with ones for next year but at this point I have no idea what I would predict because it might actually come true and this year has just been one long continuous fecal hurricane with a few bright spots of almost comically jarring pre-2020 normality in it as a painful reminder of what used to be.

At least I hope it's light posting for the rest of the year, I feel like that may not happen if things really go reactor core breach politically and there's a non-zero chance of that.

Going into 2021 I have determined this: 

This is a turquoise-ish T-shirt that reads "The problem may not be the Democrats." 

It's a deceptively simple concept, but I don't want to lose track of what's basically the entire premise of this blog over the last oh god has it been 12 years now.

I feel like I'm going to need this a lot over the next four years at least, but here we are.

As you were.

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