Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last Call For Breaking All The Rules

Can you imagine the uproar if Democrats in Virginia did this?

Already shaping up to be one of the closest races in state history, a last-minute rule change is stirring up the recount to decide who will become Virginia's next attorney general. 
The Daily Press of Newport News, Va. reported Friday that Republican candidate Mark Obenshain had an unofficial lead of just under 1,300 votes over Democratic challenger Mark Herring. That tally did not include full provisional ballot totals, and as of Saturday, a fresh rule change was complicating matters. 
According to a report by WTOP radio, the Virginia State Board Of Elections decided Friday to change rules relevant to Fairfax County, banning legal representatives from helping count votes, unless the associated voter was actually present. The board changing the rules is dominated by Republicans.

What that means is any provisional ballots in Fairfax County will only now be counted if the person who voted shows up in person to confirm they cast it.  Wonder why?  It's a county where the election board is controlled by the GOP, but the county voted 60%+ for Obama in 2012.  It's safe to say Republicans fully expect to disenfranchise more Democratic votes than Republican ones, and in a race that could be decided by a handful votes, that's all that may be necessary to give Republican Mark Obenshain the victory as the state's next Attorney General.

By the way, Mark's sister Kate is a Fox News commentator and author of Divider-in-Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change, another fine book from the wonderful folks at wingnut crack house Regnery Publishing. Apparently she has no problem with her brother cheating to win.  Funny how that works.

But remember, eeeeeeevil Obama and his buddies are the real fascists who will do anything to gain power because ACORN.

Post-Racial America Update

Remember, the Supreme Court says that we live in a post-racial society, so legal protections based on race aren't necessary anymore.

A controversial neo-Nazi rally was held in downtown Kansas City Saturday afternoon. 
The National Socialist Movement said it was protesting America's immigration laws. 
KMBC's Matt Evans said the protest was scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Jackson County Courthouse, but the majority of the group did not show up until 4 p.m. 
The National Socialist Movement said it picked Kansas City because of what it calls strong support. 
"We're strong in the state and in the area, so naturally we go into areas where we are quite strong and have a good base of support," said Jeff Schoep, of the National Socialist Movement. "The Kansas City area has been very good to us and we have a lot of supporters and a lot of friends here. It's a good location for us and that's why we're here."

Gosh, isn't it nice that we live in a society where hardcore racists can safely and freely express their views that non-whites like me are sub-human animals that need to be driven out of America?  Should you agree with that, apparently Kansas City is the place to live.  Quite the selling point, having a "good base of support" for neo-Nazi militia types.

But hey, there's no evidence of organized efforts to go after non-whites in 2013 America, so you don't need any civil rights or voting rights legislation.  We're past that now, you see.

The New Bar For Stupidity

National Review's Andrew McCarthy lives up to his last name and calls for the impeachment of President Obama over "If you like your health plan".  Also, Benghazi!

Barack Obama is guilty of fraud — serial fraud — that is orders of magnitude more serious than frauds the Justice Department routinely prosecutes, and that courts punish harshly. The victims will be out billions of dollars, quite apart from other anxiety and disruption that will befall them. 
The president will not be prosecuted, of course, but that is immaterial. As discussed here before, the remedy for profound presidential corruption is political, not legal. It is impeachment and removal. “High crimes and misdemeanors” — the Constitution’s predicate for impeachment — need not be indictable offenses under the criminal code. “They relate chiefly,” Hamilton explained in Federalist No. 65, “to injuries done immediately to the society itself.” They involve scandalous breaches of the public trust by officials in whom solemn fiduciary duties are reposed — like a president who looks Americans in the eye and declares, repeatedly, that they can keep their health insurance plans . . . even as he studiously orchestrates the regulatory termination of those plans; even as he shifts blame to the insurance companies for his malfeasance — just as he shifted blame to a hapless video producer for his shocking dereliction of duty during the Benghazi massacre.

He then goes on to complain that cowardly Republicans don't have "the stomach" to do it, but the Democrats should still be really scared because voters will certainly remove anyone who backs the President in 2014 and 2016.

Of course McCarthy's right.  Just ask Presidents McCain and Romney.
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