Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Last Call For Fantasma Santos, Con't

Embattled Republican Rep. George Santos of New York will recuse himself from serving on House committees, he told his GOP colleagues in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, amid ongoing scrutiny about his background and questions about his future in Congress.

Santos was assigned to the House Small Business Committee and Science, Space and Technology Committee earlier this month by House Republican leaders. In a statement, the New York Republican said "ongoing attention" surrounding investigations into his personal and campaign finances prompted his request to be temporarily recused from the panels.

"This was a decision that I take very seriously. The business of the 118th Congress must continue without media fanfare," Santos said. "It is important that I primarily focus on serving the constituents of New York's Third Congressional District and providing federal level representation without distraction."

Santos told CBS News that he was "confident" he would be cleared in the investigation because he has "nothing to hide."

His decision to forgo his seats on the two panels comes a day after Santos met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Capitol Hill, during which Santos asked the speaker if he could recuse himself from committees, according to McCarthy.
The second Santos resigns, McCarthy's time left as Speaker gets reduced to ashes. Without Santos, McCarthy won't have the votes to keep his own job, and everyone knows it.
The question is not whether Santos resigning from committees will sate the calls for his ouster. It won't.
The question is how much Kevin McCarthy has left to give in order to save Santos and himself. McCarthy literally cannot afford to lose a single GOP vote in the House for his caucus. He has to gamble it all or lose it all.

We'll see how he tries to worm his way out of this.

Ron's Gone Wrong, Con't

Florida parents are Very Concerned™ about library books being banned from teacher's classrooms because they aren't on the approved fascist checklist, as teachers are facing felony prison time for GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis's "Stop WOKE Act".
Districts across the state -- including Duval County Public Schools -- are performing a mass review of all classroom libraries and media centers after the Florida Department of Education handed down directives intended to comply with state law.

“The Florida Department of Education has trained all Florida schools districts to ‘err on the side of caution’ in determining if a book is developmentally appropriate for student use,” DCPS said in a blog post about the decision.

The law says that all books, specifically in elementary school libraries, must be looked over by a certified media specialist who has undergone state training on the new policy.

Parents, however, have been surprised to find their schools’ bookshelves empty during the review process.

“It actually blew my mind that we were living in a world where we were removing books from classrooms,” parent Brian Covey said.

Some parents say the review came as a shock to them and their children, and they what to know when the books will be returned or replaced.

“How do we live in a world where books are being banned from the classroom,” said Covey, whose children attend Greenland Pines Elementary School. “They said that before school, all the teachers had to pack up their stuff, the librarian apparently tearfully announced that she no longer had a resource class to do. And she had to review all the books in the school. They also took all of the library books that had been checked out, and kids were in the middle of reading and said that they can’t continue to read those books until they’ve been reviewed.”

This week, a teacher in Manatee County covered up the books in his classroom and put up a sign that reads: “Closed by order of the governor.”


Certainly looks terrible for DeSantis, but remember, this is what Florida voters overwhelmingly approved of in November. None of the Republican voters who cast their ballots for the GOP ever expected their kid's teacher to have to empty out the classroom bookshelf. We were just stopping THE WOKEIES™.

PS, we're all the Wokeies now.

Documenting The Atrocities, Con't

The push by our "liberal" media to make President Biden's document issue the exact same as Trump's refusal to cooperate and outright admitted theft of classified documents has now been fully achieved, and that's all that matters

An equal number of Americans — 67% — say they are as concerned about classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s residence and former office as they are about those found at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, despite clear differences in how the two men responded to these controversies.

In addition, half of Americans disapprove of the job President Biden is doing and give him low marks on uniting the country, as well as on having the necessary mental and physical health to be president — even after a string of recent political and legislative victories.

And majorities believe the new Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives will be too inflexible in dealing with Biden and will spend too much time investigating the president instead of focusing on other priorities.

These are the major findings of a brand-new national NBC News poll conducted at the beginning of the new 118th Congress, ahead of Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address next month and after news of classified documents that were found at Biden’s and Trump’s private homes.

The survey also underscores just how little has changed since last November’s midterm elections, and just how dissatisfied the public remains as the 2024 presidential election begins to take shape.

“The calendar may read 2023, but you’d excuse someone if they continue to see 2022 in the country’s outlook and in our politics,” said Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

“Elections are supposed to act as a chance to refresh and reset, and that did not happen,” McInturff adds.

The poll finds an American public that’s equally concerned about the discovery of classified documents found at Biden’s and Trump’s homes, even though the current president and ex-president handled their situations in different ways.

(Biden and his lawyers have argued that they turned over these classified documents — from his time as Barack Obama’s vice president — as soon as they were discovered and have cooperated with investigators, while Trump failed turn over all requested documents and has lashed out at investigators.)
Trump is still committing crimes, and is still refusing to fully cooperate. Biden is not. But trwo-thirds of Americans find they are the same, and perception and nuance does not matter in the least to the Body Politic.
People still hate the House GOP Circus of the Damned, but they hate Joe Biden too, and nothing ever changes.
Mission accomplished!
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