Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Call For Bravely Rand Away

Sen. Rand Paul had a bit of a problem yesterday when a pair of immigration activists found him eating lunch in Iowa along with GOP Rep Steve King Of The Melonheads.  Steve King stuck around to argue (badly) with Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, but about five seconds after meeting the pair, Rand Paul apparently got up and fled in abject terror.

Today, Rand Paul made his excuses as to why he fled the scene at approximately MACH 9.

"About two minutes before that, the video doesn't show that another reporter came up and said 'will you do an interview,'" Paul explained on Fox News' "On The Record." "And I said, 'I need to take a couple more bites and we'll do an interview.' And then I was told we had to leave and I had to do the interview. So actually, I stand about ten feet from those people, who were doing sort of a kamikaze interview, and I stood ten feet from them and did another interview." 
The aide who whisked Paul away from the immigration activists, Sergio Gor, previously told the National Journal that Paul "had a media avail after the event and that's where we had to be." 
The Kentucky Republican said he doesn't shy away from debate on immigration. 
"I've always been open to discussing immigration. I'm very open to discussing that I think there should be some kind of immigration reform," Paul told host Greta Van Susteren. "But I don't think you can do it without first securing the border, and that's the problem with the President doing this unlawfully."

Uh-huh.  "I wasn't running away from this interview.  I was running towards another interview, because I'm really important and I'm here in Iowa campaigning for 2016 and besides, I trust Steve King's judgment on immigration."

The old political adage "If you're explaining, you're losing" is apropos here.  Trust me, Rand Paul is losing.

Dear America

"I don't understand why you people are so upset about Rep. Mo Brooks's statement about the 'War on Whites'.  Sure it was a poor choice of words but he was right and besides, it's nowhere near as awful as what racist, racist liberals do to black people every day with affirmative action or what racist, racist Democrats did to minorities with the Great Society, or why racist, racist black people won't vote for Ben Carson or Herman Cain."

--W. James Antle, Daily Caller

Bonus Verbatim Stupid:

Even the real unfairness and injustice of some race-conscious affirmative action programs is far less brutal and systematic than Jim Crow.

Ahh, but we black people are too stupid to see the truth about how systematically being disenfranchised was a whole lot better than being admitted to college, so we probably deserve it.  If only we were smart enough to rise up against the liberals treating us as human beings and would side with the conservatives who see us as an unfortunate social plague of subhuman vermin, everything would be awesome.

The Marriage Equality Fight Comes To Cincy

Cincinnati is ground zero this week in the battle for same-sex marriage as a three-judge panel from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear challenges to state constitution same-sex marriage bans in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Michigan.

A same-sex marriage showdown happens in Cincinnati on Wednesday as three federal appeals judges, including two Ohioans, hear marriage cases from Ohio and three neighboring states.

It will be the single-largest legal event in the same-sex marriage debate since June 26, 2013, when the U.S. Supreme Court declared part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional. Since then, every major federal and state court ruling nationwide has gone in favor of gay-marriage proponents.

The Cincinnati hearings are expected to draw such large crowds of journalists and spectators to the Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse that the clerk of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has set up two overflow courtrooms equipped with piped-in audio of the proceedings.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law determined that about 18,300 children of same-sex couples, and nearly 52,400 same-sex couples, could be affected by the outcome of the five cases. The group said Ohio has about 19,684 same-sex couples — 54 percent of whom are female — and more than 3,760 same-sex-couple households raising nearly 6,800 children.

If there is a Circuit Court where the decision will go in favor of "traditional values" (you know, like bigotry), it's the conservative 6th.  Two judges on the three-judge panel were appointed by good ol' Dubya, one by Bill Clinton.  I don't expect this to go well for the forces of justice here.

It's a moot point in the long run, however.  Utah has already appealed the 10th Circuit's decision in favor of same-sex marriage to the Supreme Court this week.  A group appealing the 4th Circuit's decision in favor of marriage equality in Virginia last week will file quickly as well.

Should the 6th Circuit embarrass itself as much as I expect it to, a Supreme Court hearing would then be inevitable with differing Circuit Court opinions.

We'll see what happens.


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