Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Last Call For Yet More Counties In Kentucky In Which Zandar Won't Visit

Remember, America has a black president, so racism is over.  Especially here in Kentucky.

In a Bullitt County Sheriff’s deputy’s body camera recording obtained by WDRB, Southeast Bullitt County Fire Chief Julius Hatfield can be heard discussing a car accident on I-65 in September. 
Hatfield first goes out of his way to provide assistance to Loren Dicken, who is white.
“You got a jack, ain’t you?” Hatfield asks the driver. “If you show me where them things is at, I’ll get my guys to start changing the tire for you.” 
At first, Dicken turns down the offer, but Hatfield insists, saying, “It will save you a bill.” 
Firefighters working for Hatfield even picked Dicken up from the hospital and took him back to the firehouse, where his car was ready and waiting.

Seems like a nice guy.  Bullitt County is just south of Jefferson County and Louisville, so it's not totally in the boondocks, and I-65 runs north to south through it. It's about a hour and change from here.

Yep, seems like a nice guy, Chief Hatfield.

But Hatfield treats the family of four black motorists completely differently. 
“Well, I’ve got a family of four from Cincinnati, I got to do something with,” the Bullitt County deputy tells Hatfield over the radio. 
“We ain’t taking no n*ggers here,” Hatfield replies, laughing
Instead of offering to help driver Chege Mwangi, the deputy recommends that he call the AAA motor club.

Oh.  I see.

And when WDRB’s Valerie Chinn attempted to ask Hatfield about the financial management of Southeast Bullitt Fire Department at a town meeting, he suggested that she didn’t understand English, and threatened to have her arrested. 
“Do you understand English darling?” he says in video recorded at the public meeting by WDRB cameras. “Do you understand English?” 
“Turn that camera off,” Hatfield barks. “I’ve asked you that in a nice way. Buddy, call the cops and get them here.” 
“I asked you once tonight if you understand English,” the fire chief adds after Chinn presses the issue. “I’m speaking English.”

Oh. I see.  Well then.

Remind me not to take 65 down through Bullitt County anymore.


Stand With Rand In Quicksand

The Senate bill to reign in the NSA, end metadata collection, and provide more oversight to the agency in the wake of Edward Snowden came up for a vote yesterday, and Republicans were able to kill the bill with the filibuster.  That shouldn't surprise you, as 41 Republicans (and Democrat Bill Nelson of Florida)voted to filibuster the bill that Democrats (and Ted Cruz!) voted for.

But what's this?  Rand Paul voted against the NSA bill.

Rand Paul, a leader of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, helped kill a bill meant to rein in the National Security Agency. Huh?

The USA Freedom Act, sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), received 58 votes on Tuesday night -- two short of cloture, the magic number in the Senate that allows a bill to proceed to an actual roll call.

The 40 Republicans and one Democrat who voted against cloture mostly did so because they thought the bill went too far. Paul also voted against NSA reform -- because, he said, it didn't go far enough.

Paul said he voted against the bill because it would have extended the Patriot Act provision that allows the NSA to search Americans’ phone records. He has consistently opposed the Patriot Act, passed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Leahy’s bill extended the provision’s expiration to June 2017 -- as a compromise, in order to change the law to stop the NSA from holding onto phone records. Under Leahy’s bill, that duty would have been handed off to phone companies. The companies' records could only have been searched with a surveillance court's order.

While Paul said he “felt bad” that the bill failed, because it “probably needed my vote," he also claimed the country was "one step closer to restoring civil liberties," because the Patriot Act provision's expiration date will not be extended.

But killing the bill does allow metadata collection on Americans to continue, and Rand Paul I guess is okay with that.  Turns out the enemy of the perfect we were warned about was Rand Paul, Typical Republican, who voted along with 41 of his Typical Republican buddies, to allow the NSA abuses to continue.

What say you now, Rand Paul civil liberties guys?

Horrible, Soulless Clock Is Right Twice A Day Alert

Douchebag, Son of Douchebag is correct for once over at RedState, which shall not be linked.  The words shall be displayed.

And he's goddamn right.  When, not if, the GOP shuts down the government again in order to stop President Obama, they will suffer no lasting harm from it at all.  Clinton was impeached, and not only did the GOP keep the House and pick up Senate seats, they won the White House.

There is nothing the GOP can do that will cause voters to punish them for anymore in the Age of Obama.

Nothing.  2014's election was 100% proof of that.  The insanity is coming. They will defund Obamacare and immigration and EPA coal plant rules and tens of millions of voters will cheer them on because screw the black-ass President and those people.

End of line.


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