Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Last Call For Election Projections

As of 11 PM, it looks like the Dems will take the House back by a decent margin, but the GOP will keep the Senate and pick up a couple seats total. Donnelly and Heitkamp both went down, and the pickups in Texas and Tennessee didn't happen.  Arizona and Nevada will be a long night.

In the governor's races, Kris Kobach lost in Kansas, and Dems picked up New Mexico, Michigan, and Illinois, and it'll be a long night otherwise, but Mike DeWine is going to win in Ohio and that's not a good thing.  Gillum just conceded in Florida.

I'll cover it all in the morning.

Vote Like Your Country Depends On It

The whole voting thing, yes.  You should do it.

NY Times has the Dreaded Needle Of Fate™ and stuff, so get out there, you still have time, and I'll check in with you later tonight.

Make history.

StupidiNews, Election Day Edition!

It’s Election Day.

Go vote.
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