Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Call For Climate Of Change

Sunday's Climate Change march in NYC was massive, with 300,000 plus people participating.  It was part of a global effort with marches in cities across the globe.  Maybe the people running our country will finally get the message as a result.

I wouldn't count on it though. 

Under leaden skies, throngs of demonstrators stretching as far as the eye could see moved through Midtown Manhattan late Sunday morning, chanting their demands for action on climate change.

With drums and tubas, banners and floats, the People’s Climate March represented a broad coalition of ages, races, geographic locales and interests, with union members, religious leaders, scientists, politicians and students joining the procession.

"I’m here because I really feel that every major social movement in this country has come when people get together,” said Carol Sutton of Norwalk, Conn., the president of a teachers’ union. “It begins in the streets.”

Climates marches were held across the globe on Sunday, from Paris to Papua New Guinea, and with world leaders gathering at the United Nations on Tuesday for a climate summit meeting, marchers said the timing was right for the populist message in support of limits on carbon emissions. The signs that marchers held were as varied as the movement: “There is No Planet B,” “Forests Not for Sale” and “Jobs, Justice, Clean Energy.”

“The climate is changing,” said Otis Daniels, 58, of the Bronx. “Everyone knows it; everyone feels it. But no one is doing anything about it.”

 And no, nothing will be done about it, as long as our leaders are giving us idiocy like this to feast on.

Truth be told, if things are as dire as the marchers believe, it’s already too late. That’s the problem with the hysterical wing of climate change advocacy. Cutting emissions of greenhouse gases won’t do the trick if we are on the edge of the climate precipice. We would have to halt all human activity that contributes to global warming and then hope nature can reverse the process.

And idiocy like this.

But public opinion surveys consistently place “climate change” at the bottom of Americans’ political priorities, presumably because most people have enough common sense to realize that giving the government more money and power won’t change the weather.

Please notice the argument is no longer "climate change is a hoax" but "there's nothing we can do to stop it if you're right, so there's no reason to do anything!"

So why bother?

PS, 2014 is shaping up to be the hottest year ever on record globally.

But why bother?

Barack Obama Was Never Your Boyfriend

But conservative money groups sure seem to think he is.  Or was.  Now they think women (particularly white women) are so over him and his "friends".  That's the subject of this creepy ad now playing in North Carolina.

"In 2008, I fell in love. His online profile made him seem so perfect. Smart, handsome, charming, articulate," the actress begins. Then things take a turn for the creepy: "He's on my emails and text messages, spying on me." The actress adds, "He thinks the only thing I care about is free birth control, but he won't even let me keep my own doctor."

So naturally she's going to vote for the folks that won't even let her control her own uterus.  Makes perfect sense.

At the conclusion of the ad, the actress says, "I know I'm stuck with Barack for two more years. I get that. But I'm not stuck with his friends." So far, the ad is reportedly airing in North Carolina, where Democratic Senator Kay Hagan is facing a tough reelection fight. 
The ad was made by political consultant Rick Wilson and paid for by a group called Americans for Shared Prosperity, which is headed by wealthy California businessman John Jordan. Politico's Maggie Haberman interviewed Jordan recently, and he said that his goal was "to communicate with women voters in a way that outside groups and campaigns haven't." He added, "The purpose of this is to treat women voters more like adults."

Because adults need to construct teen fantasies that the President is their boyfriend, and that they have to "break up" with him over Obamacare.  Oh, and the part where the adult conversation is that he's "spying on me and ignoring real threats" like he's an obsessive stalker with a foreign policy fetish.

Yes, that's certainly treating women voters like adults.  Besides, the not-so-subtle subtext screams, white women never really liked Barack Obama anyway, because he's dangerous (like all us black men are.)  Time to come back home to where you belong, where you'll be safe from black people, with the GOP, because FEAR FEAR SCARY FEAR FEAR BLACK FEAR.

But hey, the white woman/black man fear card works and has for centuries.
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