Sunday, August 9, 2009

Follow The Leader

It's got to be depressing these days being a conservative pundit. Every time Sarah Palin says something bugnuts crazy heading into a weekend, the Sunday Show bobbleheads either have to agree with her and look like a whackjob to the reality-based community or you really have to gamble and deny whatever she said, risking the wrath of the base as Steve Benen notes:
Newt Gingrich told a national television audience this morning that Sarah Palin's "death panel" argument is fair and legitimate. I should note, in fairness to other conservatives, that others on the right have not been as kind to the former Alaska governor.

On "Meet the Press" this morning, David Brooks called Palin's attack "crazy," adding that "the crazies are attacking the plan because it will cut off granny. That is simply not true, that simply is not going to happen."

Similarly, Rep. Jack Kingston (R) of Georgia, who no one has ever considered a moderate, told Bill Maher there's nothing to Palin's attack. "It's a scare tactic," Kingston said. "No question about it."

Even some political reporters who shy away from drawing firm conclusions have acknowledged the facts. The Washington Post's Dan Balz said this morning, "It's not the way to debate this bill, and it's another example of Sarah Palin having difficulty figuring out how to enter into a serious debate about issues."

And while Steve goes on to posit that Death Squads For Trig may be the bridge too far for Sarah Palin, I'm convinced the opposite is true. I really don't think there's anything that Sarah Palin can say at this point that tens of millions of people won't go "Yeah, I totally believe her on this issue. She wouldn't lie to us like that."

It's indicative of just how far the conservative brand has fallen. There are folks out there that will believe anything at this point just to keep with coming to grips with Barack Obama as President. Their elected GOP leaders have failed them: McConnell, McCain, Cantor, Boehner. Now the non-beltway types are running the show: Limbaugh, Gingrich, Beck and Palin. They control the narrative of the party. The elected leaders react to them now, not the other way around.

The populist anger has gotten out of control. Sarah Palin has now clinched the GOP position on the Obama health care plan as "killing the weak and infirm". Millions are ready to believe that now, even if it isn't the truth. We're going to see this only get worse.

But then again, that's the point. Sarah Palin's not stupid.

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Matt Osborne said...

"They control the narrative of the party. The elected leaders react to them now, not the other way around."

Quote of the day!

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