Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Epic Watch The Country Burn Fail

The Bachmanniac is back, still rooting for the economy and the country to fall apart just so it proves her point that Obama is wrong on the economy.  Think Progress:
HENNEN: I’m proudly accepting that label of rooting for failure for his policies, not for any one personal individual or anything else, but, I mean, should we, is that what Republicans are doing? Are we rooting for failure? Is David Axelrod right?
BACHMANN: We’re, we’re, we’re hoping that President Obama’s policies don’t succeed, exactly as you said. And of course, David Axelrod unfortunately seems to be wanting to smear people who disagree with the president. We’ve seen that over and over at Tea Party events, at gatherings where people say, “look, I don’t like this idea of out of control spending and accumulating deficits that our kids have no possibility of paying back.” And to think that those of us, we who disagree with that very ill-thought out idea are being smeared, I think that’s really wrong.

Really?  A sitting member of Congress is admitting that she wants to see the President's policies on the economy, job creation, financial reform, and health care reform fail?  And in the same paragraph she bemoans being smeared because she disagrees with Obama?

How does that work?  Most people would probably tell you there's a difference between "I disagree with how to fix this problem, I have a better solution" and "I want to see this attempt to fix the problem fail."  Or it would, if Bachmann had a better solution, which she does not.

Maybe she should be worried less about wanting to see the President's plan fail and the economic catastrophe that it would mean, and worry about how she's spending taxpayer money on Tea Party rallies instead.

Seems to me more than a little bit of EPIC FAIL going on here.

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