Friday, July 30, 2010

Also The Fed May Try To Annex The Sudetenland

Rand Paul continues to bravely stake out the territory that includes Kentucky voters who respond well to complete insanity.
“People say, ‘Oh those Tea Party people, they’re angry.’ I say: ‘No, they’re concerned and they’re worried.’ They’re worried that we could destroy the currency by adding such a massive debt. In Germany it led to Hitler.”
You know who invented paper money?  The Chinese.  They had a Great Wall.  That Great Wall?  That led to Communism.  We should add a plank to the Tea Party to stop the border fence or else the pinkos win.  See?  This is easy.

Can I has Senate seat now please?

1 comment:

Lowkey said...

Ya know what caused the massive debt that led to Hitler in Germany? Dumb fucking wars! Only pinko hippies could support dumb fucking wars, because they facilitate liberal fascism! New Tea Party Plank: bring the troops home, or it's SOCIALISM!!!one!

(This is fun! Z, I think it's time we Liberal Plant ourselves in the next GOP platform writing meeting.)

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