Thursday, July 15, 2010

Irony, Thy Name Is The Village

Politico's John Harris and Jim VandeHai sum up everything that's wrong with the Village in one easy article.
The imminent passage of financial reform, just a couple months after the passage of comprehensive health care, should decisively end the narrative that President Obama represents a Jimmy Carter-style case of naïve hope crushed by the inability to master Washington.

Yet the mystery remains: Having moved swiftly toward achieving the very policy objectives he promised voters as a candidate, Obama is still widely perceived as flirting with a failed presidency.
To recap, the Village's favorite new media politics spot is lamenting how the Obama administration is perceived as a failure by listing all the Villagers who perceive the Obama administration as a failure and giving a public forum to the notion that...the Obama administration is a failure.  All without a shred of self-awareness.  They continue:
The reality is the opposite. You can argue over whether Obama’s achievements are good or bad on the merits. But especially after Thursday’s vote you can’t argue that Obama is not getting things done. To the contrary, he has, as promised, covered the uninsured, tightened regulations, started to wind down the war in Iraq and shifted focus and resources to Afghanistan, injected more competition into the education system and edged closer to a big energy bill.

The problem is that he and his West Wing turn out to be not especially good at politics, or communications — in other words, largely ineffective at the very things on which their campaign reputation was built. And the promises he made in two years of campaigning turn out to be much less appealing as actual policies. 
The Already Failed Obama Presidency as Village tautology, ladies and gentlemen.  When I complain about the Obama messaging shop losing the battle, it's because stuff like this is being said every day and the Village is getting away with it.  "Sure, Obama's done all this stuff and shown he can master the art of getting things done in Washington.  But he's a complete failure!"

What liberal media?

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