Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Could Care Less

In his new book I'm The Deciderer or whatever it's called that's out today, former President George W. Bush says the low point of his Presidential career was Kanye West hurting his feelings after Katrina.  BooMan puts that into perspective:

You know, Kayne West didn't say that President Bush was a racist. He said that President Bush didn't care about black people. You don't have to hate someone to not care about them. You don't have to feel superior to someone to not give a crap if they're drowning. If you're a sociopath, it's really quite easy to not care about people in dire need.

And isn't that the truth.  I can see why the GOP asked Bush to delay the book until the week after the midterms, because he would have been the Dems' best weapon.


Dr. J. Robert Asten said...

Umm...didn't Dems blame Bush for the economy for the past two years? If he was their best weapon, then they'd have kept the majority for the 112th Congress.

People got tired of Dems shifting blame when people were holding them accountable for not putting the peoples' priorities above their own.

Dr. J. Robert Asshat said...

your blog is idiotic. i read a couple of paragraphs and my eyes started bleeding. please don't update it. though some have suggested that the amount of cyberspace is incalculable, there isn't enough room for garbage like that.

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