Monday, November 8, 2010

The Haunted Manchin, Part 2

Republicans are trying to flip WV Democratic Senator-elect Joe Manchin with the promise of committee assignments and good ol' fashioned pork.

Republicans are trying to lure Sen.-elect Joe Manchin (R-WV) across the aisle to become a Republican, Fox News reports.

"Aside from his pick of committee assignments (likely the Energy and Natural Resources Committee), Manchin might get support for one of his pet projects -- a plant to convert coal to diesel fuel that has stalled under Democratic leadership in Washington."

The reason: "Republicans believe Manchin is particularly susceptible to the overture because he is up for reelection in 2012 and will have to be on the ticket with President Obama, who is direly unpopular in West Virginia."

Sure.  And the Tea Party absolutely promises not to primary Manchin and won't attack him as a RINO, just like they did with Arlen Specter.  My guess is if they are seriously making a play for Manchin, Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson should be checking their emails as well to see what exciting offers they might have won from the Republicans.

Make those pork lists now, boys.  I'm sure the Tea Party will totally forgive you on the whole earmark pork thing too.

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