Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jersey Offshore

Chris Christie is laying off another 1,200 New Jersey state employees.  We're supposed to celebrate him saving the state some $8.8 million in wages and benefits (a whole $6,700 per job cut!) because as we all know government employees never ever turn around and spend their wages from the government back into private sector industries like grocery stores, and they don't in turn pay taxes on those wages, either.

If you're trying to save $8.8 million dollars as a state and the only way you can see fit to do that is to take far more than $8.8 million out of your state's economy and then put those workers on state unemployment benefits, I'm going to have to say "you're doing it wrong."

I'm not saying that there no reason to ever lay off government employees.  I'm saying that this is the economic equivalent of cutting off your hand at the wrist because you broke your finger.

1 comment:

Eric said...

I lived in in NJ. Christie can't cut enough state employees.

You have no idea what it's like there.

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