Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last Call

Hey, FOX News:

Next time you decide to pull the "union thugs" card in Wisconsin in winter, try not to show California when doing it.

And yes, Tea Party people, FOX thinks you are not only too stupid not to notice the people in t-shirts, the palm trees, and the lack of snow in "Wisconsin" in March.  They not only think you're too stupid to notice, they think you're too stupid to even care you're being played like fools.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Democrats and public employee unions are fighting back, fully backing recall efforts for eight GOP state senators.  Greg Sargent:

Previously, Wisconsin Dems had not publicly supported talk about recalling GOP Senators, in hopes of privately reaching a negotiated solution to the crisis. The Wisconsin Democratic Party's decision to support the recall drives represents a significant ratcheting up of hostilities and in essence signals that all bets are off.

Eight Republican Senators are eligible to be recalled right now, and various groups around Wisconsin are beginning to file papers to make it happen. Tate told me that the party would throw its organization behind such efforts.

"We're an aggressive, on-the-ground group and we're going to be looking to aid these citizens in any way we can," he said.

Tate said he couldn't say whether such a recall drive would result in GOP Senators breaking with Walker, given their solidarity so far, but he vowed that a number of them would pay the price by losing their own jobs.

"There are Republican senators today that will lose their seats in a recall election in the next few months," he said "We're happy to assist."

Wisconsin really has changed a lot of things.  Democrats are no longer sleepwalking and moping about how there's no way to take the fight to Republicans doing everything they can to destroy them at the local and state level.  It's a matter of political survival now, and the sleeping giant just got a water tower full of hot coffee dumped on it.

Two can play at this game, gentlemen.

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