Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Birth Of The Deathers

If you thought the wingnut right despised Barack Obama before Sunday night, the last 60 hours or so have given rise to the next iteration of Obama Derangement Syndrome:  The Deathers.  Nearly the entire right-wing blogosphere is involved in various bits of tinfoil lunacy that proclaims something is amiss with Sunday's mission to kill bin Laden.

It ranges from "The military took over when Obama wouldn't authorize the mission" to "Leon Panetta killed OBL behind the President's back" to "Obama took 16 hours to make up his mind" to of course the far more blatantly evil stuff about the entire mission being faked and the government having Osama's body on ice for years.

But all of these idiotic rumors have one thing in common: they attempt to justify and explain Obama Derangement Syndrome.  Just like the Birther foolishness, the transformation to Deathers is nothing more than a different hand of cards dealt from the same deck of lies.  It centers on the country succeeding despite the involvement of the man they are obsessed with hating.

As I said yesterday, the Republican message that Democrats are weak on national security has been garbage for years, but the notion that Obama did what Bush did not has driven the right to the depths of their current depravity.  They will do and say anything to avoid giving credit to President Obama, including the foul, hateful rumors above, because the concept of Obama doing something right completely destroys their narrative that he is nothing more than the world's luckiest affirmative action baby.  They would have to admit being proud of their President.  They would in fact have to admit that he was their President, period.

That will never happen.  Their crazed hatred has no room for it.  And so we've gone in less than a week from the Birther nonsense to the even more insane Deather stupidity, all in an effort to try to find some larger movement to camouflage good old fashioned racism.

Look at the lengths the Obama haters have gone to in just the last seven days.

Look at the President's response and what he has accomplished in the meantime.

I rest my case.

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