Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Actions Are Not Inconsequential

Last night I noted that a NATO airstrike destroyed part of the Qaddafi compound in Tripoli in an effort to assassinate the Libyan leader.  The airstrike however took out one of Qaddafi's sons and several of his grandchildren.  NATO insists they were targeting a military command and control post, but Qaddafi loyalists have responded by ransacking evacuated Western embassies and UN buildings in Tripoli.

The UN is withdrawing all its international staff from the Libyan capital Tripoli following a mob attack on its offices, the BBC understands.

UN buildings and some foreign missions were targeted by angry crowds following a Nato air strike that reportedly killed a son of Col Gaddafi.

A UN official told the BBC its staff would withdraw from Libya and the decision would be reviewed next week.

The UK expelled the Libyan ambassador after its premises were attacked.

The Italian foreign ministry has condemned the "acts of vandalism" on its embassy. Italy recently joined the Nato mission in Libya.

There were also protests outside the US mission in the city.

A UN official, who confirmed that its offices had been ransacked overnight, said the Libyan government had apologised, blaming an angry mob for the damage.

If this was a missed opportunity to take out Qaddafi, then it was a failure on multiple accounts.   Heads need to roll at NATO HQ for this.  And surprise, we're going to be dealing with the fallout from this for a very long time.  Our third war is going about as well as the other two...

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