Monday, October 3, 2011

The Nameless One Strikes Back

Yep, nothing gets Dick Cheney out of his undisclosed location and onto the Sunday shows faster than President Obama succeeding where Bush and Cheney failed.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is demanding an apology from President Barack Obama for slamming the Bush Administration on foreign policy and not using the phrase ‘war on terror.’

On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, host Candy Crowley asked him that given President Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments if it really mattered to use the phrase.

Still upset over Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo that criticized their administration, Cheney continued to express the importance of the phrase to himself. 

In a just world, Dick Cheney would be demanding the top bunk in a federal penitentiary and getting shanked by his cellmate Donald Rumsfeld over it.  No matter how you feel about Obama prosecuting the wars Bush and Cheney left in his lap, the last person on earth who has the credibility to give the President noise about an apology is gorram Dick Cheney.

And the part there about Cheney still pissing and moaning about the President's Cairo speech?  Pipe that speech into his cell 24/7.  The only apologizing here should be done by Cheney, and it should be to the families and loved ones of every soldier that didn't come home from the sandbox (and to all the ones that did come home, just for good measure.)

Good lord.

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