Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last Call

Want to know why nothing is happening on President Obama's jobs bills?  Because the Village assures that the GOP will never take any political damage over it.  McClatchy's David Lightman plays both sides:

Democrats want higher taxes on millionaires to pay for the infrastructure plan. Republicans don't. Republicans in the House of Representatives have led the way in passing a series of bills to provide private-sector initiatives aimed at creating jobs. Democrats vow to keep pushing the Obama package.

There was little evidence that the two sides are taking serious steps to reach consensus on efforts to bring down the nation's 9.1 percent unemployment rate.

And so the unanimous filibustering of any measure in the Senate by Republicans magically becomes"it's the Democrats' fault" because the House GOP is "leading the way" on job creating bills.  Republicans pass their bills, Dems can't because of the filibuster, ergo it's the Dems' problem for not reaching "consensus" with the GOP.

And as long as the narrative continues to be reported in this fashion, nothing will improve.  Republican intransigence will continue, unabated, forever.

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