Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moving Forward At Your Own Perry-il, Part 12

This is not a bug in Governor Goodhair's Inconsequential America, but a guaranteed feature.

At a town hall event in New Hampshire Wednesday morning, reporters have indicated that they were asked if they were U.S. citizens. According to CNN, member of the press were posed this by an employee for Granite State Manufacturing, a defensive contractor hosting the town hall, in order to abide by NAFTA rules.

Associated Press reporter Steve Peoples tweeted, “At press check in for Rick Perry NH town hall, we’re asked if we’re U.S. citizens.”

He added that attendees were “told only citizens allowed because town hall host is a defensive contractor,” meaning “no foreigners allowed.”

NBC News’ Jo Ling Kent shared a similar tweet.

“At Perry press check in, I was asked if I am a U.S. citizen,” she wrote. “Only citizens allowed according to company, which is a defense contractor.” 

This was not an accident, folks.  The frequency Rick Perry is broadcasting on can only be heard if you're tuned into the message of "Y'all ferners git out na."   And he knows exactly who he's sending it out to, folks.  He wants back on the dance floor, and this is his admission.

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