Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Win For The PPACA

The Obama administration released final rules on insurance coverage and birth control, mandating that employer plans have to provide birth control for women at no cost...including if that employer is a religious university or hospital whose primary function is not being a house of worship.  The US Council of Catholic Bishops is furious with the decision and vows to take it to the Supreme Court on First Amendment issues.

Col. Mustard thinks he's discovered the Kenyan's Master Plan.

The religious freedom objection masks the real problem.  No co-pay and no deductble isn’t free, it just means someone else is paying for it.

Destroying the private insurance market and pushing people towards single payer — it’s almost like it’s part of the plan.

And in that respect, he's right. (Stopped clock, I know.)   Yes, Bill, that's the plan down the road.  And it's about damn time.  Welcome to June 2010.

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