Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Call

And with Romney the nominee in all but name, the wingers are of course predicting the End Of Liberalism Forever.  First into the future files?  Daily Caller contributor and conservative author Mike Leahy.

Conservatives across the nation should be of good cheer, however. The United States remains a center-right nation. This November, voters will choose common sense over fiscally reckless extremism in what will be a landslide conservative victory. Republicans will retain the House, gain the Senate and win back the presidency with a 2-to-1 Electoral College margin.

The most recent Rasmussen poll shows Mitt Romney ahead of President Obama, 48% to 44%. Obama’s support has softened significantly since 2008, and opposition continues to grow on all sides. In that election, Obama defeated John McCain by a 53% to 46% margin in the popular vote. Since then, as the Rasmussen poll demonstrates, Obama has lost the support of 9% of the voting population. Much of that loss is permanent. Defectors include disappointed voters under 30 who supported him by a 2-to-1 margin in 2008 but can’t find a job in today’s lackluster economy, disaffected Catholics turned off by his high-handed tactics and virtually every small business person in the country, to say nothing of disillusioned Democrats opposed to his individual healthcare mandate.

But the polls are missing one key ingredient: the intensity of feeling and the level of determination among the 28% of American adults (66 million people) who consider themselves part of the tea party or are supportive of it. To these people, 2012 is not “just another election.” It is the defining political battle of our lifetime.

Most of these 66 million tea partiers will vote in November. But they will do much more than vote. They will also make unprecedented personal sacrifices in time and money to help get out the vote. To a person, these 66 million Americans believe that if Barack Obama is re-elected, the constitutional republic as we know it will be destroyed. They are determined not to let this happen on their watch.

Enough e-mails of President Obama dressed as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose and Michelle Obama in a chimpanzee enclosure will make their message of hatred cause their votes to count a whole extra zero percent more than normal.  Bonus points for these fanatics actually believing that everyone in America secretly believes exactly what they believe.

That's all they have, of course.  Mitt Romney will do, say, and lie however and whatever it takes to win, including to the Tea Party.  When they figure that out, November's GOP losses will be exquisite.

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