Monday, July 15, 2013

The Kroog Vesus The 2013 Hunger Games

And the GOP makes sure that the odds will ever be in their favor, not yours.  Paul Krugman discusses the House GOP's SNAP plans:

So House Republicans voted to maintain farm subsidies — at a higher level than either the Senate or the White House proposed — while completely eliminating food stamps from the bill

To fully appreciate what just went down, listen to the rhetoric conservatives often use to justify eliminating safety-net programs. It goes something like this: “You’re personally free to help the poor. But the government has no right to take people’s money” — frequently, at this point, they add the words “at the point of a gun” — “and force them to give it to the poor.” 

It is, however, apparently perfectly O.K. to take people’s money at the point of a gun and force them to give it to agribusinesses and the wealthy. 

Now, some enemies of food stamps don’t quote libertarian philosophy; they quote the Bible instead. Representative Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, for example, cited the New Testament: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” Sure enough, it turns out that Mr. Fincher has personally received millions in farm subsidies

Given this awesome double standard — I don’t think the word “hypocrisy” does it justice — it seems almost anti-climactic to talk about facts and figures. But I guess we must. 

I don't think people really appreciate what's going on here:  House Republicans are literally taking money from people who don't have food to eat, and giving it to rich corporate farmers and agribusiness giants because they back Republicans.   Poor people?  Not so much.

Instead, Republicans are quoting the Bible at people and deciding that what America really has too much of is people who work 40 hours a week for crap wages and can't feed their kids.

Unfortunate.  Maybe they should give a kid away or something.

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