Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sorry Mr. President, I Have A Pryor Engagement On Syria

Facing a rough re-election road in 2014, Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor is turning his back on the White House over Syria.

The decision to use military force is one of the gravest responsibilities Members of Congress face, and it is one that I take very seriously. I have heard presentations and testimonies from the Administration on their case for military action, have read and studied the text of the authorization for the use of military force that will come before the Senate next week, and have listened to the concerns of thousands of Arkansans as I have traveled the state.
I have said, before any military action in Syria is taken, the Administration must prove a compelling national security interest, clearly define a mission that has a definitive end-state, and then build a true coalition of allies that would actively participate in any action we take. Based on the information presented to me and the evidence I have gathered, I do not believe these criteria have been met, and I cannot support military action against Syria at this time.

I actually don't blame Pryor for doing this, not after 3 days ago his Republican opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton, came out in full favor of attacking Syria in a WaPo op-ed piece.  In fact, Pryor may very well have just won the election.

That should tell you something.

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