Thursday, February 6, 2014

Assassination Tango

The video of last month's town hall meeting in Oklahoma for GOP Rep. Jim Brindenstine is making the rounds, and for good reason.  Oklahoma is the most anti-Obama state in the nation, the only state where President Obama failed to win a single county in either 2008 or 2012, and the crowd at the town hall near Tulsa proved why over and over again.

In a video circulating online, supporters of Oklahoma congressman Jim Bridenstine, called for the 'impeachment' and 'execution' of President Obama in a town hall meeting. 
"Obama is not president, as far as I'm concerned. He should be executed as an enemy combatant," said an unidentified woman in the video. "I can't tell you, or I can't say because we are in a public place, this guy is a criminal." 

Now, you would think with this being taped for posterity that Brindenstine would have enough sense to try to tamp down these Tea Party lunatics calling for the President's assassination at one of his events.

But this is the Republican party we're talking about here.

Bridenstine responded to the woman, stating "everybody knows the lawlessness of this president," however he never said anything about the execution of Obama or agreed with the women on those charges
"The only way I see out of this is to overwhelmingly change the senate, so that we can then impeach the SOB," said another unidentified woman. 
"You know, you look so sweet..." said Bridenstine to the woman.

When the Oklahoma Democratic Party asked for an apology, Brindenstine played the victim card in his statement to the press:

"A public figure cannot control what people say in open meetings. I obviously did not condone and I do not approve of grossly inappropriate language," Bridenstine said in a statement. "It is outrageous that irresponsible parties would attribute another person's reckless remarks to me."

So, check out the video and see if you can tell me where Brindenstine "obviously did not condone" the calls for the assassination of Barack Obama.

Keep up that outreach, guys.  By the way, these are the people who win when you don't vote.

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