Friday, October 10, 2014



nomoremister said...

Abortion. Teaching evolution. Right-wingers have never stopped fighting on those issues.

I'm not sure they'll fight on SSM in 2016, because billionaire donors like hedge-funder Paul Singer are pro-SSM. (He bankrolls Christie and pro-marriage equality.) But eventually this will bubble back up from the grassroots, the way abortion did after Roe.

rmthunter said...

I'm not sure that's the case: Even though the anti-SSM groups are trying desperately to link abortion with same-sex marriage, it's not working with the larger public -- the "grassroots" support against same-sex marriage is pretty much limited to a shrinking demographic; even younger evangelical Christians are moving toward support. To most people, same-sex marriage isn't scary: they realize that it doesn't affect them, and as more and more people realize they know gay people, it means their friends, coworkers, and relatives can settle down and be happy. Really, what are they going to do, stage rallies with pictures of weddings?

They'll try to chip away at marriage rights, but anything that singles out same-sex couples is going to be shot down, and I doubt that the reaction from heterosexual couples will be positive toward anything that limits their right to get married.

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