Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last Call For The Religion Test

Here's what Americans think about President Obama's religion, "deep down":

Only 9% of Republicans believe Obama is a Christian, in their heart of hearts.  The vast majority think he's Muslim.

Independent voters mostly have no clue and don't know (47%), abut again only 16% believe it when the President says he's a Christian, a quarter think he's Muslim.

Hell, even 10% of Dems believe Obama is a Muslim.  But 45% believe he is a Christian.

Now given what most Republican believe about Muslims: that they are the Enemy and want to kill them, what does that tell you about Republicans and President Obama?


Cat Shroedinger said...

Why the fck are we even talking about the president's religion as though it is some sort of qualifying characteristic? Why the fck are we talking about any public employee's religion at all?

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Funny you ask, as I have been following the development of this story with particular interest.

Some enterprising reporter "ambushed" Scott Walker, during what was supposed to be his moment of glory on the big stage, with such tricksy "gotcha" questions as "do you believe in evolution" and "what do you think is the President's religion?" The horror, the depravity to which the liberal media will sink.

Walker punted, his word, he being not such a fool as to answer truthfully and enrage the Republican Party base nor to lie and amaze the American People with his craven toadying to the party lizard people.

Naturally there has been pushback. First Ed Morissey and now Jeff Jacoby, the Boston Globe's never-to-be-fired token conservative affirmative action figure, have adopted (independently? you be the judge) the line that the commie symps in the liberal media are shoving religion into the face of an indignant nation so as to paint him as some kind of victim and rescue his flagging popularity.

All of which ignores, with a sneer and a smirk, the eight year whispering campaign to slime Obama as some kind of kenyan muslim socialist Other who hates America and has a cunning plan to lull us into complacency with inaction until the moment is right to steal our guns and our Bibles and our wimins.

I've been around politics a good while and it takes quite a bit to make me mad, but I absolutely fu*cking disgusted and his smarmy disingenuousness. I wanted so badly to reach into the page and smack that simpering grin off his face.

And Zandar has given us the background: after years of soaking up the propaganda from Party Central, the Party Base has swallowed the story and truly believes that our president is a mooslim. And who can blame them? The only people saying otherwise are Democrats, in their eyes notorious liars.

But I do have to say I find it amusing that 2% of the Democratic Party voters are atheists and 2% of the Democrats polled believe in their hearts of hearts that the president really is an atheist. Bless their empty little heads, some of the fundie atheist true believers can be nice enough guys but they allow their wish fulfillment drives to run roughshod over all else. Until they get their act together, they will never amount to anything.

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