Friday, March 13, 2015

Secret? Agent, Man...

The US Secret Service is at this point bravely straddling the border between phenomenal incompetence and having people openly question that they want to protect this President and his family.  That Washington Post report on two USSS agents driving drunk into a barricade was much, much worse than originally thought.

Two Secret Service agents suspected of driving under the influence andstriking a White House security barricade disrupted an active bomb investigation and may have driven over the suspicious package itself, according to current and former government officials familiar with the incident. 
These and other new details about the March 4 incident emerged Thursday from interviews and police records obtained by The Washington Post. 
The episode has prompted questions from lawmakers about whether the newly appointed leaders of the Secret Service are capable of turning around the troubled agency. Among the lawmakers’ questions: Whether a Secret Service supervisor, as witnesses have alleged, ordered officers to let the agents go home without facing sobriety testing. 
An investigation by the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general is centering on the possible misconduct of two senior agents, including a top supervisor on President Obama’s protective detail.

These idiots got drunk and drove through a crime scene, driving over a possible explosive device in the process and then hitting a temporary barrier set up to protect people in case the device exploded. If the agency's leadership hadn't already been largely fired for gross incompetence, I'd demand that they were all rehired and fired over this massive screw-up.

The Obamas repeatedly get more threats than any First Family in US history, and the people who are supposed to protect them are drunken fratboy assholes.



D. Potter said...

*grinds teeth back into gums*

Also, has the Pope some Pontifical Swiss Guards he could spare?

RepubAnon said...

Sounds like everything that's wrong with law enforcement these days, all rolled into one:
* Violating both the law and common sense? Check.
* Covering up for other officers? Check.
* Lack of accountability? Check.

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