Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dinesh D'Felon D'Nied

No Convicted Felon Dinesh D'Souza, you can't just take summer break from your community service, you're a convicted federal criminal.

Federal Judge Richard Berman shot down conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s request that he be allowed a “summer break” from his community service because the Catholic high school at which he had been serving is on its summer recess, the New York Post’s Josh Saul reports.

D’Souza pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws by using other people’s identities to donate $20,000 to Republican Wendy Long’s failed New York senatorial bid. He was sentenced to eight months in a halfway house and community service, which he had been serving at the Mater Dei School in San Diego. 
But when the school let out for the summer, instead of finding an alternative means of performing community service, D’Souza had his parole officer petition the court for a “summer break.” Berman wouldn’t hear of it, writing that “with respect to [the] request that Mr. D’Souza’s community service hours be ‘waived’ from June 1, 2015 until July 13, 2015, the request is respectfully denied.”

The short explanation is,” Berman continued, “as all criminal defendants are aware, that we don’t provide ‘summer breaks’ in these circumstances.” He noted that there are other “appropriate venue[s] for community service in San Diego” and strongly encouraged D’Souza to locate one of them and fulfill the terms of his parole immediately.

If Convicted Felon D'Souza didn't exist, he would have to be written into Arrested Development as a Bluth.  He's that much of a clueless, privileged bag of fermented stupid.

Frankly, the judge should have had a five minute laughing session, and then immediately thrown Convicted Felon D'Souza in prison.  But hey, this is why I'm not a federal judge.

That's probably a good thing.

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Horace Boothroyd III said...

It seems to me that a couple of weeks in the slammer, pacing a ten by ten cell and rereading last week's National Enquirer for the twentieth time, might do Convicted Felon D'Souza some - teach a criminal to respect the Law and all that. No more coddling by soft headed liberal judges, sez I.

As an aside, I am suffering from a bit of stomach upset over the antics of the Sanderistas. Waltzing in after decades of constant sabotage, they blithely announce that they are taking control of the Party and will be using it to elect Bernie and to make everything all better for everyone - excluding the long, long list of people they hate and despise.

Then they wonder in amazement that we Party regulars do not smile back, at their attempted hijacking of this electoral machine that we have worked so long and hard to build.

For one thing, pretending for now there is nothing else, the ache of the Nader betrayal in 2000 is too fresh.

Speaking of which, I read in the noozpaper that everyone's favorite gibbering idiot faux intellectual entertainer changed his tune and started urging revolutionaries to vote Labour out of terror that the Tories might not just win but win an outright majority. Just like Maher and Moore in 2000, Russell Brand backed off his don't vote/no difference schtick when it started to look like he himself might suffer from the outcome and just like Maher and Moore in 2000 the screeching U-turn did not one wit of good.

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