Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Democrats Can't Be This Lucky

Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt has a great idea for helping Republicans Democrats in 2016 by suggesting the GOP should embrace fresh, bold new ideas double down on white guys on the ticket.

Saying it's "obvious," best-selling author and national talk show host Hugh Hewitt is urging all of the nearly two dozen potential Republican presidential candidates to pick 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney as their vice presidential choice. 
In his upcoming book The Queen, directed at Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hewitt said that Romney has the influence and status of former Vice President Dick Cheney, making him a formidable campaigner and White House partner. 
That, he added in the book provided to Secrets, will force Clinton to make an equally top-notch pick, not somebody like Joe Biden, the "lovable dolt" chosen by Barack Obama. 
The eventual GOP nominee, wrote Hewitt, should pick Romney for just one term, using his fundraising power and credibility to beat Clinton. By serving just one term, Romney wouldn't be a political threat to the president he serves and it would create loyalty from potential successors.

Romney's "credibility" will beat Hillary.



Wake me up when that happens, I'll be over here in reality.

Seriously, if Hewitt's plan to win with somebody from the Clown Car Crew requires the gravitas of Mitt Romney to the formula, then you're still multiplying a number by zero and expecting to get a number that magically is not zero.

Or, in the wordds of the guy who cleaned Romney's clock: "Please proceed, governor."

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