Monday, March 21, 2016

House Of Cards

Democrats would need to win 30 seats to take the House back.  In January, that was considered impossible, that there simply weren't enough competitive House Republican seats to try to pick up. You can thank Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for fixing that problem.  The latest Cook Political Report on the House now puts 31 GOP seats in striking distance and 42 in possible play in total.

So yes, considering things are bad enough for the GOP with Trump as the frontrunner that Utah could be a competitive swing state come November, the wipeout of Republicans downticket could become a reality.

Now it's March and there's a long, grueling, ugly campaign ahead for 33 Senate seats and 435 House seats in addition to the White House, so who knows how many Republicans will be able to decouple themselves from Trump and survive.  Or not.  But at this point a Goldwater-style realignment isn't out of the question anymore like it was just eight weeks ago.

And this analysis too will change as we get closer to November.

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