Monday, April 4, 2016

Trump Cards, Con't

Team Trump is still cleaning up after last week's mess, and is in full "bring me the heads of my enemies" mode.  Lots of enemies out there, too.

In a private document that was circulated over the weekend and obtained by The Washington Post, Trump campaign senior adviser Barry Bennett revealed the mounting frustrations among the billionaire’s top aides as they closed what had been a tumultuous week. 
Entitled “Digging through the Bull [expletive],” Bennett’s memo urged Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski — who was charged with battery last week for yanking a reporter — and others to ignore critics who have questioned whether Trump’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has waned. 
“America is sick of them. Their idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the Washington Establishment,” Bennett wrote, citing tracking poll data favorable to Trump. 
Donald Trump 1,” Bennett declared, as if he was scoring the past week. “Washington Establishment/Media 0.” 
Bennett, a frequent presence on television, also lashed out at political opponents for having "scurried" onto the cable-news airwaves to offer at times scathing critiques of the Trump campaign, whether it was over its delegate-accumulation strategy or Trump's ability to win a general election.

The US political media was always going to be a major target of the Trump campaign, it was inevitable.  Now we see they are furious with anyone who dares to question Herr Drumpf and the fireworks are coming.

When reached by phone, Bennett confirmed that he wrote the memo and sent it to his colleagues in the campaign. 
“Personally, it’s been a very hard time. You’ve got Republicans in Washington saying they’re keeping lists of people who work for Mr. Trump, who say you’ll never work in this town again,” Bennett said in a brief interview. “My point is that people should be pumped that the establishment is spinning.” 
When asked whether his ire was directed more at the national media or the GOP’s establishment wing, Bennett said, “Both.” 
“All of that is the establishment,” Bennett said. “The press is printing the narrative that the Republican establishment is setting. What’s necessary — what I’m saying here — is that we can’t let that influence how we see ourselves.”

The Trumpies have declared war on the "mainstream media".  It's Palin 2008 all over again.  We'll see how effective it is in the long run, to burn this many bridges.

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